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San Antonio and surrounding suburbs.
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Our Service Area

Located off IH-10, we serve the greater northwest area of San Antonio including suburbs such as:

  • The Dominion
  • Fair Oaks
  • Crown Ridge
  • Cross Mountain Ranch
  • Boerne
  • The Hill Country
  • Shavano Park
  • San Antonio
  • Medical Center
  • Alamo Heights
  • Terrell Hills
  • Stone Oak
  • Monticello Park

As members of the PCSA, our staff is specially trained to give your pets the highest quality care.

Pet Care Service affiliation

Boarding Your Pets with Us

The Wagmore Pet Resort prides itself on doing things a little different than most.  This is not just limited to the design of our facility, but how we care for your pets while they stay with us.  While your dogs are boarding with us, they will enjoy a minimum of 3 elimination breaks during their day.  This means we personally leash walk every single pet that is staying with us out to their own private elimination yard. This allows us to spend personal quality time with your pet, allows us to monitor their bathroom habits and ensures they feel comfortable during their stay.  Of course the dogs and cats always have access to fresh water, which is changed daily and comfortable bedding to sleep on.  

Garden and Courtyard Suites

Our Garden Suites offer the most luxurious accommodations for your dog.  There are a limited number of private suites in each of our wings, so the dogs enjoy a quieter boarding experience while they are here. Dogs boarding in our suites are also treated to a little extra pampering and have the option of an activities package while they stay with us. They can choose from either our silver package (1 on 1 activity with staff) or they can enjoy more active group play in our daycare.  Either activities package will ensure your dog gets the attention or activity they are used to and ensures a tired, content dog at the end of the day.  Each suite is furnished with plush bedding, soothing music, views of our private garden area, lots of natural light, and decor that will make your pet feel at home.  Truly for those pampered pets.

The Bunkhouse

The bunkhouse is our standard boarding accommodations for the dogs.  This area has both indoor and indoor/outdoor accommodations for dogs of every size; including multiple dog families.  every dog staying in the bunkhouse enjoys the same standard three elimination walks per day, but in the indoor/outdoor accommodations, the dogs have their own private outdoor patio that they can use during the day to lounge in the sun or just be outside.  Our bunkhouse is fully climate controlled and is equipped with full partitions for privacy; raised beds for comfort, radiant floor heating in winter, natural lighting, and soothing music.  Your pet will be treated to a pampered, relaxing experience while staying with us.

The Pampered Pooches Lodge

We have created The Lodge just for small dogs that are less than 20 pounds. Our small dog wing has private suites with calming music.  Once the little dogs are checked in to this area, they don't have to see or interact with anyone that is not their size.  The Lodge features its very own indoor/outdoor play area, where the dogs can get exercise one–on–one with staff, or in limited sized playgroups with other dogs their size.* the dogs that stay in this area are treated to additional playtimes throughout the day in addition to their elimination breaks and are screened to make sure they are social and good players. The dogs that get to stay in this area have a very fun time and get lots of attention while they board with us.  our small dog wing is one of our favorite features at The Wagmore, and we would love to have you stop by and see it for yourself.

The Retreat

Our Retreat area within The Lodge, features a limited number of indoor and indoor/outdoor accommodations for older dogs and those with special needs. The dogs enjoy the outside time like everyone else, and we can accommodate additional services for those pets that need extra time outside, or a walk to help with mobility. the dogs that stay in the retreat are also given extra extra orthopedic bedding on top of their raised beds, because when all you want to do is sleep, you need a comfy bed. We like to keep our older pets in this area because it tends to be a quieter slower paced environment and is located close to our staging areas so we can keep our eyes on those pets that may have additional needs during the day.  We don not have an age limit for dogs that can board with us, but do like to ensure all dogs are healthy enough to board with us.  

The Cat Barn

Our Cattery has been designed with your cat’s comfort, safety, and health in mind. Each multi–leveled private condo has a view of the flat screen TV, as well as an outdoor view. All condos have their own fresh air supply and we provide playtimes, nutritious meals, and quality care to keep our feline guest entertained while staying with us. We allow the cats to get out of their condos during the day so they can stretch their legs and lounge on one of our cat trees.  This is one cat family at a time as we do not socialize cats that are from different families.  

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*Please note – We limit playtime to dogs that are compatible; if we see aggressive behavior from your pup he may need to sit out. (But don’t worry – all our animals get lots of personal attention and TLC)