Professional Pet Care Services for greater
San Antonio and surrounding suburbs.
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Monday — Friday:
7:00 am — 6:00 pm

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4:00 pm — 6:00 pm

Our Service Area

Located off IH-10, we serve the greater northwest area of San Antonio including suburbs such as:

  • The Dominion
  • Fair Oaks
  • Crown Ridge
  • Cross Mountain Ranch
  • Boerne
  • The Hill Country
  • Shavano Park
  • San Antonio
  • Medical Center
  • Alamo Heights
  • Terrell Hills
  • Stone Oak
  • Monticello Park

As members of the PCSA, our staff is specially trained to give your pets the highest quality care.

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Making a Difference by Going Green

Having started The Wagmore from the ground up, we were afforded the opportunity to limit our environmental footprint in the community. We have made some conscious decisions on products and system to use that we are proud of and would like to highlight how these work and how we are trying to make a difference.

The Wagmore uses naturally collected rainwater as our sole source of water for both drinking and general cleaning; we can store approximately 55,000 gallons of water at a time. This has a two–fold benefit of being naturally soft mineral free water, and it lacks the commercial chemicals found in city water supplies. Of course, the water is treated and filtered before use, but we feel it is the highest quality water we can offer our guests.

We have harnessed the power of the sun by using solar collectors for our hot water needs. This is a great economical way to cut down on the electricity needed to run a hot water heater by using something we have a lot of here in Texas, the sun. Plus in the winter, we can use this solar heated water in our radiant floor system, cutting down on heating cost and providing a comfortable environment for both employees and pets.

We have orientated the building on east/west accesses taking advantage of the prevailing winds and natural shading/lighting of our site. We have multiple solar–tubes and many large windows, which allow us to utilize natural sunlight in our dog areas. We feel this contributes to the overall health and well–being of our guest, not to mention cuts down on electricity usage.

During construction, The Wagmore put effort into building with recycled and locally sourced building materials. There are too many to name here, but we would love to discuss these features in more detail and welcome tours of our facility throughout the week, to show how we are trying to make a difference in the world.